Does DIM mine any data on my computer?

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It dawned on me that this question may have inadvertently hijacked another thread. So here it is on its own. My reason for asking this question is two-fold. First, I would like to be assured that using a Daz3D file management product isn't going to compromise security on my computer. And second, before anyone else asks the question - yes, I do have something to hide: my privacy and my peace of mind.

I am hoping for a best case scenario, that all search and information data is maintained locally, on the computer itself, and is never uploaded to Daz3D for any marketing, demographic or other scheme.

My original question:
""So… does the DIM upload any data to Daz3D or its affiliates about what is on my computer? I realize there is probably going to be a cookie so that once I load DIM (that is, IF I load DIM) and enter my account information I can be identified. Beyond that, though, what I would like to know, however, is whether or not Daz3D is aggregating, culling, storing, searching, listing, or otherwise maintaining any other information whatsoever from my computer into their databanks, including which files I have purchased from Daz3D?

Thanks for any help, if you happen to know the answer to any of this. DIM sounds like it might be very useful… unless it is mining my computer for data of any sort.



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    Simple answer is no.

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    Ah! The perfect answer!


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    well going by the stupid suggested products I get, I have utterly no doubt Daz marketing has no idea what I have purchased!

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    Daz3D does hold a list of all products you have purchased in the past. That is your Products Library so you can re-download your older items if you wish too. That is in your account and not data mining of any sort. That list is what is used to suggest other items you might like when you shop.

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    Hello Jaderail -
    Yes, I understand the Products Library and have used it religiously (when it was just the downloads page and items list), especially whenever my machine would crash, which has happened a couple of times over the past decade. It proved invaluable. But that resides as part of the order information for your customers that Daz3D maintains, and I'm certainly okay with that. Thanks for the added reassurance, though!

    WendyCatz - that was funny. But sometimes, their suggestions have pointed me to something, and while looking at it I see something else offered in the margins, which leads me to something else, where I see something else, and before you know, they have my money for something else! Gotta love it.

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    I hadn't noticed daz made suggestions beyond what items might go together. IS there more?

    I do see if I have something in my cart it suggests I might buy a texture or a compatible piece

    (Which I love by the way because they don't always come up when I perform a search).

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    SereneNight -
    When I put something in the cart, they do suggest textures or something related. But sometimes, if there is only a single texture set available, say, the other offer/marketing slots are filled with other things, not always congruous to what I am purchasing. Which is fine by me. It has led to other things I might not have considered or known about. I'm not averse to marketing, just data-mining. Just a pet peeve.

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    It sort of uses a math function beyond just related but it is not a great one. Based on TAG's in the item info.

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    Good to know, thanks :)

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