DAZ i need a refund

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DAZ i submitted a ticket on Jun 11 09:07 on products i bought on Jun 11. The products i paid for will download then i get a message that says "This File Is Not safe and has been removed"

I can not use these products so i need a refund. I am posting here because its been 7 days and no one is replying to my ticket.
Yet i get spam mail and advertisements.

I will no longer be a customer here so before i delete my payment information I need my refund.


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    To me it appears that your AV is throwing up false positives about the downloaded file. Several people are having rpoblems with AV and some downloads, especially if they are usinge IE to download, and either Norton or Avast as their AV..

    HAving said that, have you checked to see if your ticket has been logged. Use the help / Contact Us button to go to Zendesk, but instead of submitting another ticket, check "Your existing requests" from the tab on the top line of that screen.

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    I have checked my existing request and 3 days ago added in the comments and ask for help again.And nothing not even a we are working on it.

    I tried downloading from firefox and IE ran out of downloads reset them and all the same thing. I use the same security on my pc as before when i bought and downloaded MANY products here before.

    Thanks for replying and trying to help.

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    Yeah, it may be the same AV, but some AV programs have set their heuristics to paramoia level just lately..

    It would appear , according to what one person posted this morning, that Avast has finally reacted to the amount of complaints it was getting, and has sorted the problem out somewaht in the latest update. And the person who posted that comment is normally very vocal when it comes to prattling on about trusting his AV.

    I have received false positive alerts on stuff from other places, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe, and others are mentioning other big names as well.

    This problem is not a Daz3d one, but does emanate from the AV.

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    I've had norton AV remove a couple of downloaded items lately as well. It tagged them with a Reputation.0 flag. When you look this up, the norton site says (basically):

    Sorry, not enough people have downloaded that file, so we are going to delete it for you, because we know what's good for you and you don't. And, you are dumb enough to keep downloading files like this, so we will not let you turn that feature off.

    OK, maybe I paraphrased that a bit, but that is the thumbnail version.

    Make me quite angry. Not with DAZ, but with the audacity of the AV provider. Now, if it had popped up a box that said, "Not very many people have downloaded this file, are you sure you want to keep it?", that would have been fine. But to delete a file automatically on so little information is criminal.

    So, while I have a lot to complain about with the migration to the new forums and stores, this is really an AV problem. There does not seem to be a sweet spot. Either the AVs let viruses through, or they flag (or delete) stuff that does not need to be flagged.


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    Yeah it appears Norton is being quite adamant, at least Avast gave me the option to download anyway.

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    I am having problems with Norton and Daz exe. What I do is just turn off Norton while I'm downloading and installing. If Norton keeps getting more paranoid< I may just uninstall it. It seems that the cure can be as bad as the disease.

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