daz3d 4.5 rc 2 problems

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hi im try to understand why from when i installed the new 4.5.049 rc 2 i cant load some objects correct
if i try to load " mr hyde pants" they load but not object is in the scene
same is happening with " way of samurai" i cant load part of the objects i see the name on scene but nothing there
please help


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    Are you seeing a "Duplicate ID found" error message? If so, you need to reset the downloads for the affected content and reinstall it as it has been updated to correct this issue.

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    no i just see the name but not abject i did rinstall mr heyde and way of samurai many times but it still the same no object in scen appear but i can open the obj in zbrush

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    Check the installer files; they should be:


    If they are not the same, reset your downloads to get the updated files. Both work for me in 4.5

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    i have to check im at work now but how do i reset my downloads is first time its happening to me. there is a command to do that
    and after i reset it do i have to reinstall all my contents ?

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    Log in into your account (DAZ store), then go to Itemized Order History. Find the two items and click on Reset on the right. To be safe, uninstall the 2 products you have problems with (Hyde and Samurai) and then install the new files. If you don't have uninstallers for those 2, I think the installers will recommend to uninstall it for you.

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