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Yesterday i purchased an item at the Daz store...i tried it in Poser but it did not work at all...and i payed $US20 for it...i thaught that i had lost my money but i heard then that Daz has a 30 day money back warrancy or something like that...but i have no idea how to go about getting my money back...can some one please help me and show me how the process goes to get the money refunded?...i was looking for information about this at the Daz store, but could not find anything.

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    At the top of the froum is an announcement thread

    It tells you this

    Here is how you create a support ticket:
    Go to
    Select the Help Tab
    Contact Us
    Submit a Help Request

    The help Tab is on the very top line at the top of the page here. You need to select Sales as the dept to handle the ticket

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    Yes. it is a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee (same issue if the price goes down within 30 days - they'll refund the difference or - especially if it is a sale that's going to end right away like fastgrab, you can buy again and they'll refund the price of the first item).

    If you live somewhere that an 800 number is toll free, I'd call them. The phone number is at the bottom of the page of this thread. If not, then I'd do the support ticket, Have your order number and the email addy you use here handy

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    The problem with that wiould be that if everyone starts calling instead of submitting tickets for routine things then

    A} the phone lines get blocked by too many calls
    B} CS will spend more time answering calls, so existing support tickets will not get dealt with.

    For routine things like refunds it is better to use the Support ticket route, because as soon as you have an automated response for your ticket, the request is logged as having occurred within the 30 day limit. and then will be dealt with in rotation.

  • Is thete no phone number? They just billed me twice for my yearly plat club membership, I want someones head!


  • You need to opena  support ticket. Also, make sure you don't have two subscription set up and make sure there is only one subscription listed on PayPal if you use that as PayPal will send money when it is "due", without Daz' asking.

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    You need to file a help request  HERE

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    I've always found it helps a bit if my subject line on the ticket is something like "Need refund on sku xxxxx order yyyyyy" and then describe why in the detail. You still need to fill in the order number in the blank provided, but with this subject CS can see that this should be a real quick, no research required problem to solve.Do remember that CS works 9 to 5 Monday through Friday (Mountain Standard/Savings Time) and are off on US Holidays.

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