Genesis evolution morphs cannot be found after 4.5 install

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I installed the new release (DAZ S 4.5) and now I can't find any of the evolution morphs for my genesis characters. I load in a new genesis and there are only the basic morphs available (like nose size and height only for the nose). I open previous files and even though the character shape is the same, the underlying morphs are not there.

Anyone else have this problem?



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    You are looking on the Shaping pane - the content is not correctly set up for that, previous versions of DS were mostly letting it get away with that (but not always). 4.5 has fixed the anomaly but in a way that means the morphs never appear on the Shaping pane. Until the sets are updated you can access the morphs through the Parameters pane - most are on the root node ("Genesis"), expressions are on the head.

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    It took me a few hours to find the morphs when I first installed 4.5 and I'm not happy that they had been moved

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    As I said, it's a temporary situation until the morphs are updated.

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