SSD? For rendering?

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I am not the most TECHY guy! I am considering a new mac pro! There seems to be a group of people that say you got to get a Solid State Drive.

WIll this speed up RENDER TIME?

I was always under the impression that SSD will speed up opening and closing applications and saving BUT do NOT have any effect on application processing such as rendering. That maxing out your ram is the best bet there?



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    I don't think it will help with render time. It will help with program load/save time though.

    For rendering improvements...many cores as fast as you can possibly get them...followed up by as much memory as you can afford.

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    it can help if you make fluid sims, otherwise it wont effect anything. Maybe some gpu piwer may help , if your render app supports gpu acceleration like "reality".

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    HI Rich :)

    NO, is the answer.

    SSD can increase system boot speed,. it can also increase the loading speed of applications.

    A faster processor and more ram can also do that too.

    Your disk drive has nothing to do with the speed or performance of a rendering application,.

    It's down to how that application actually calculates the rendered image, and that's down to Processor and Ram, whether it's a CPU or GPU and ram depends on what the application can access.

    Carrara only currently uses CPU and RAM.

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    you may possibly have two improvements noticeable especially with huge files: a faster loading of the C file and a better response of the cache mechanism during the rendering period

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    If your scene is large and uses ANY virtual memory, and you have set your scratch disk to the SSD, then you should see improved render times.

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