Materials not loading asking for jpg

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Finally figured out how to install zip files manually (Win xp), but ran into another problem, when I try to apply materials, I keep getting a dialog now, could not find jpg !! When I select item/load. Dialog box pops up, asking to locate, I locate jpg, it works. Jpg's are located in runtime folder/textures. I have no problem doing it this way, but I have to click through many different folders.

Next problem, while trying to load a ton of zip content, deleting content, retrying etc.... when genesis model loads, I recieve duplicate id dialog, also my genesis model is slightly darker now, as if lighting disappeared, until I apply a spotlight in front of genesis model. Was wondering if there is a reset to return back to default, or do I have to uninstall/reinstall daz software. Hope there is other options, so I don't have to redo a bunch of zip files.

Thanx for assistance.


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    Doesn't appear I can delete this thread. If anyone know's how please share :)

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    Well if this had been posted yesterday I would have given you several different methods that would have been successful in getting this thread removed, but as it is not yesterday but is instead today I will say that Yes I do know how to delete the thread but it is not a method I can share.

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