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I am trying to decide if I should join platinum club.

On the wed site, if In choose 1.99 platinum club items, it brings up a nunber of items, the first of which is dubious pub. Howevre the price of this is more than 1.99. Is it the case taht if I join PC then dubious pub and all the items under the 1.99 heading will cost me 1.99 no matter what they are priced at?



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    You won't see the 1.99 prices until you join but yes essentailly that is corroect.

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    I've been a pc member for about a year, and I've been pretty pleased. There's a lot of really nice 1.99 PC items, and you can get the DAZ bundles for a great price when they go on sale, often 65% to 70% off, but you usually have to wait a few months after they come out to get that price, which isn't quite as fun as playing with the new shinies right away.

    You also won't see the 30% off prices on all DAZ Original items till you're a PC member as well.

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