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I'm a new Bryce user and am having an issue with the working window. At times I will begin a new file and the working window will be very small. If I reload older files it will usually reset the working window back to full screen. I thought that the document resolution would determine the working window size, but this seems to be unrelated to that. I've crawled through the documentation but I still can't find out what I'm doing wrong here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I am ashamed to have to admit that I cannot rememberr exactly what it is you have to do, is so long since I needed to do it. I have a feeling however that it is something on the righthand icons on the working screen. Try the 3rd one down, the one under the marker and the spraycan. THat is greyed out on my setup, so it could well be that one.

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    You know Cho, that's greyed-out on mine as well, and I don't recall what it's for.

    One suggestion though, if you click on File > Document Setup for a new file, you can choose what size you want, and then click Edit > Preferences and select "Launch to previous state" in the first group of choices. That "should" keep your workspace the same size for each new project.

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