WC Soft Skin Lights for DS 4.5 REDUX!!!!

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Okay, I have deleted the OLD Soft Skin Lights, it was getting too confusing for everyone, I'm sure... and I have uploaded a new set.

Included is four light presets. Two have the key light on the left, two on the right.

The close lights are 200cm away from the studio center, the Far Away lights are 800cm (8 Meters) away from the studio center. Their hight is exactly in line. Not sure why I needed to do that, but I did, I think it'll be useful...

There are ALSO four Material Presets. One is for the LANA texture set.

The rest are for three freebie V4 characters out there and you will need those textures to use the presets.

I was very careful in constructing the materials to work in a manner I think works best, or is (more accurately) as good as I can make them.

Everything in the ZIP file is public domain. Pull it appart, rebuild it, make it your own... if you're selling a character on R.com or RDNA or wherever, feel free to include them (lights and material settings) with your product (credit would be nice, but don't worry too much about that)...

BUt, if you make it BETTER, my only demand is that you share...

Below is Danae's Dublin... and Samantha :)

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