GoZ for DAZ Studio - Where is it?

UrdwolfUrdwolf Posts: 23
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I just recenly bought ZBrush and I knew there was a plugin to transfer from DS.

Looked in the DAZ shop... not there!

Looked at the DS4 download information:

'These three items have their own installers that must be downloaded after purchase:

•- 3D Bridge for Adobe Photoshop - DS4_3DBridge_1.0.10.55
•- GoZ Bridge - DS4_GoZ_1.0.2.55
•- Darkside Style - Darkside_1.2_ds'

Didn't dowload it with the rest because i didn't have ZBrush at the time.

So where the heck is it now?


  • UrdwolfUrdwolf Posts: 23
    edited December 1969

    Okay, found it in the DS pro download package.

    Should have installed everything when I downloaded - ZBrush just seemed so unlikely at the time!

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