Light Dome Pro 2 won't load into D4 Pro.

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I am having trouble here.
I loaded D4 onto an external hard drive, F.
I put the file for content on the same drive F, calling it simply DAZ Content.
Everything was loading fine for some time now, except for tonight when I tried to load the Light Dome Pro 2 file. When I simply click on it to ipen its installer I get this message:
"The installation path for DAZ Studio could not be found. Light Dome Pro cannot be installed. Setup will now Quit."
If I try to unzip it into D4 it will not work either.
Any ideas?


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    Light Dome Pro 2 has not been updated for DS4 yet.

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    Hi Mike.
    Thanks. You were fast answering my question.
    That is a big disappointment.
    I guess that is why it won't load.
    I can't remember off hand when I bought it, but that should be in my account.
    Can I get a refund for it?
    I could get something in place of it then.

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    If it was in the last 30 days you can get a refund. When DS 4.5 is officially released the final SDK will be as well, so I expect the Dreamlight products will be updated then.

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    I have the same problem, just bought Light Dome Pro 2 and it wont load.

    Sad to know its not compatible and there is no warning when we buy it.

    I also wrote an email to Dreamlight, on their website, but got no answer.

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    If you happen to have DS3 installed you can install Light Dome Pro 2 there, use it to set up a scene, save it, and then load it into DS4. It doesn't replace the plugin features, but does allow you to get some use out of the product.

    If you want an alternative offering similar capability, the original Light Dome Pro has most of the features of LDP2, but is just implemented as Studio lights rather than as a plugin, so doesn't have the same compatibility problems.

    Given I used LDP2 on practically every render I did in DS3, I'm really hoping we see the Dreamlight products updated for DS4.5

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    I checked LPD and it says it only works on DAZ3, are you sure it works with DAZ4?

    Its really that good? Now I cant wait for the upgrade! (:

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    2Fatbear said:

    I checked LPD and it says it only works on DAZ3, are you sure it works with DAZ4?

    Its really that good? Now I cant wait for the upgrade! (:

    I think they're very good for external daylight effects, I probably wouldn't use them quite as much as I used to, because I'm now better at using some of the other lighting features such as the uberenvironment lights, but I still particularly like the flexibility that Light Dome Pro 2 gave me. Light Dome Pro isn't quite as flexible - it has fewer options for sun angle etc, doesn't include the same range of skydomes, and isn't integrated into Studio as a plugin, but is useful and does work in DS4.

    While I've confirmed that LDP works in DS4, I've been unable to reproduce transferring an LDP2 scene from DS3 to DS4, at least to the degree I thought I could. I have some saved scenes that seem to have sky and ambient lights consistent with LDP2 when I load them in DS4, but according to the LDP2 Manual the sky and ambient lights should only exist during the render, so I'm not certain how I managed this. You can work with LDP2 in DS3, but for the moment assume I was wrong in saying it was possible to transfer a DS3 scene to DS4 and have the lighting mostly intact, the only things that come over are the skydome and the sun and preview lights, the ambient and sky lights are lost. I'm going to investigate this some more to work out what went into the scenes I thought were LDP2 - it's possible they are LDP instead, apologies for the confusion and I'll post something in the thread if I sort it out.

    The thing to be aware of with both the Light Dome sets is that they use a lot of lights to simulate the all-around ambient lighting effect you get in true daylight, and your render times are proportional to the number of lights, so expect render times to increase significantly compared to more simple light sets.

    The first image (on the left) below is one I set up about a month ago in DS4 using Light Dome Pro and the Mid Day medium setting lights, render time is a little over 30 minutes on my i7 at 1600x1100.

    The second image is a setting I created in DS3 using Light Dome Pro 2 (Sundsvall 45 lighting with Light Density 16 selected - quite a low setting) and Stonemason's City Courtyard. Render time in DS3 is about 6 minutes at 800x565.

    565 x 800 - 120K
    566 x 800 - 134K
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    Reality / Lux is your friend! I was a former LDP2 user and fan I get results with LUX that I cannot get in 3Dlight cheers!

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