F4 Cockpit

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Well I think I have done enough work on the little things!


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    Wow! Just wow! That is outstanding. I admire your attention to detail. This project must have taken hours and hours. Please keep us updated on this great model.


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    Well the weird thing is all the instruments and dial are all just a texture map of the real things. With a bump to! EXCEPT the main front RADARSCOPE with he red lens! That's geometry as it's always gunna be seen with any close ups of the cockpit THE seat is ALL geometry!

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    Thank you for the reply. As a former pilot I am very impressed with your work. As someone who is trying as we chat to learn to model (Silo 2.2) I can appreciate the labor involved. I have been trying to craft a simple house for the past few weeks. Hopefully I will eventually stumble my way to success. BTW, having seen a few F-4's in my Marine Corps days I can say you have the textures spot on. I live about 20 miles from Boeing Aircraft, St. Louis, MO. Where was McDonnell Aircraft. I used to see F-4's in the air quite a bit.

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    Well thanks for the comments But stick with it! I have been doing this for 10-15 years now and I still dont know a fraction of what these programs can do. I finished modeling F4 weeks ago and for what ever reason I am spending a ton of time on the cockpit and the Seat.. Just started on the pilot. I want to do an animation of Radnal Duke Cunninghams dog fight in Vietnam and that would be a Navy F4-J.

    I have spent too much time on the cockpit you'll probably never see. I cut a few corners. If you'll look at the right and left hand CONSOL areas they are both for the front cockpit. I may go back and make it correctly for the rear of REO seat area.

    I ran across a Cockpit done for a flight simulator for the F4 And this artist handmade object by object each correct instrument and they are functional! I figure theres maybe 150-250 separate Gauges, switches and knobs and I just dont have time for that.

    I worked as an animator for a place as a sub contractor for the US AF on Randaplh afb in San ANtonio and a guy there did just that! HE made 3d Instruments which were used in teaching lessons and what every the student input into the TEST the 3d instruments responded and acted just like the real mccoy! I work at the base for 2 years. Know what I found out about air forces security?


    Man! ask one high-up piece of brass where they got the UFOs hid at and MAN they have a come apart!

    Also I was never on the base at say 5 oclock I left like at 4 but one day I left at around 5. I had my windows up and ac blasting and noticed everyone stopped stood still and service men were saluting and civvies stood with their hand over their heart! I was thinking this is just the way the movie the body snatchers started. Even the cars were all stopped So heel;l I ran around them all and headed for the base gate to leave.

    SOme SOB even throw a rock at my truck! I was like WHAT THE FUG? Well by the time I got to the gate it was all over and I left!

    next day I told my boss about this Alien take over of everyone and the rock throwing. He laughed and said. MAN thats when they play the music and take down the flag. Your suppose to stop and salute if your service men and hand over heart if your a civvie and do the same if your in your car and stop! and the rest dont take kindly to anyone disrespecting that!

    WELL that would of been nice of you to have warned me when I started. He said well we never thought you would still be on base that late.

    Also there were times when we couldn't go out of the building. and could hear jets running around outside. I was told its cause they had top Secret aircraft out side at times and CIvvies weren't allowed outside at that time! AGAIN would of been nice to warn me!

    I am sure if I hadn't been told and walkout side and ran right into the next generation STEALTH SPACE PLANE I would of ended up nailed into a box and stored at some underground military warehouse like the one on X-Files

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    Oh hears the F4

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    Looking super good! I'm impressed with your detailed work. :)

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    I have always loved the lines and shapes of the F4! ANd its is a complicated model! I told myself like 4 year ago. one day when I know what I am doing and dare take on the plane when I am done ands it is done I will consider myself a professional 3D Modeler. So when I am done? Then what?

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    Who would of guest the plane was the simplest part of this project?

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    Hi RC,

    "when I am done ands it is done I will consider myself a professional 3D Modeler. So when I am done? Then what?"

    Rig it and animate it.......kick the tyres and light the fires. OoRah.

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    Well oh course animate it. One of my favorite TV shows id DOG FIGHTS and the animation is UNREAL! and I am gunna do one about Duke Cunningham shooting down Col Toung in Vietnam flying SHOWTIME 100 a navy F4-j

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    Hi Rich :)

    With the time and work you've put into this, and the level of detail in the model, you could consider putting it onto a site like turbosquid



    Since these are detailed models, and sold to be used in production applications, the pricing reflects that level of work.

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    Hell I get most of my HINTS and ways top do things by studying Turbosquid models. I may do that!

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    Built a F16 cockpit that took over 2-3 years to make on and off in Hexagon. Time consuming and resources were not easy, and when you do have resources the detail isn't that great. Only way to get proper detail of one F-16 cockpit is go take your own photos of one cockpit type. Building a cockpit of any aircraft is sure a challange. Not easy. Kudos to RichardChaos for making one. The cockpit seat is made by someone else, that I purchased at Rendosity many years back. Used to help with image.

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