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Workflow between Daz Studio and Hexagon

cindy.dalfovocindy.dalfovo Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in Hexagon Discussion

Hello, I am curious about the possiblities with Hexagon and Daz Studio to model characters...
For example, I get it that there's a bridge between those programs, but can I make a character with a pose and a outfit in Daz Studio and bridge it to change minor details and then export it back to Daz?

If so, there's a tutorial somewhere explaining how to do that?


  • nitehawk_ltdnitehawk_ltd Posts: 328
    edited December 1969

    Check the Hexagon forum, there is a thread just for tutorials.
    The bridge works, most of the time, just have to be patient with it.

  • Wee Dangerous JohnWee Dangerous John Posts: 745
    edited December 1969

    There is a tutorial I've seen, a bit dated now but it works exactly the same -

    You will find it if you select "Discovering Hexagon" its the second from the bottom of the list (scroll down thingy).

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