Genesis to Poser .CR2 Competition

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OK, let's get the ball rolling with a good old-fasioned competition! A Poser render competition featuring Genesis (anyone who doesn't want Genesis, or doesn't like it, doesn't have to enter)


1st Prize - Victoria 5 Pro Bundle and Michael 5 Pro Bundle

2nd Prize either the Victoria 5 Pro Bundle or the Michael 5 Pro Bundle

3rd Prize A DAZ Original Starter Bundle (I think they are all listed HERE but there are some extras that show up, so be sure it says "Starter Bundle" in the product title and is a DO)


Obviously, since you're interested in Genesis ANYWAY there's a possibility that you already have V5, M5, or indeed both and a slew of extras... so if you already own the listed prize you will be able to swap in any DAZ Original of the same or lesser value.

Entries must be posted to this thread.

Image must be 800x800 maximum to allow them to be posted to the forum. A larger version can be linked to, but the forum posting is what will be judged on. (I am VERY flexible on this)

Images must use (at least) one Genesis figure prominently in the scene.

Images must contain (at least) one figure/conformer which has been transferred to Poser using the CR2 exporter. My tut ( CAN be used as a reference to aid in doing this, but that is not mandatory. Nor is there any bar on exporting other figures as .OBJ files – but at least one should use the CR2 exporter. It can be Genesis or an item of clothing, or both.

Images MAY use any form of post-work, although when judging I (Cliff) personally will give kudos to renders without post-work (i.e. if there are two images that rank exactly the same but one is post-worked and one is not, the non-post-worked image will win out for me).

Judges’ decisions are final, and since it’s based on an appreciation of art may appear arbitrary. I will NOt be the only judge ;)

All images should be newly created, never seen anywhere before - though they can be posted elsewhere once you've shown at least a WIP here.

You may submit up to a maximum of 5 images, on the understanding that you may only win one prize. So for example, if you win first prize with one image, all your other images will be disqualified for 2nd and 3rd prizes. I think 5 should be more than enough, especially given the amount of time left until the competition closes.

Compettion closes 1st July at 23:59:59 Utah time.

It might be nice if DAZ could be granted the right to use any images submitted for publicity purposes, but would that be pushing things too far? (seeking forumite opinion here)

Every entrant should have a blast, enjoy trying to do something in the render that amuses them... whether it’s the process or the result. It’s the law, fun shall be had.



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  • 3D Toons3D Toons Posts: 0
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    Wow, somehow this feels so not right, especially the part of granting Daz the right to use the entries for publicity.

  • NoneNone Posts: 0
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    Poor old Cliff - damned if you do, damned if you don't, although you would think that with the bitching and moaning here, and on other Poser forums you would think people would be happy that someone has stepped up and shown people how to get genesis into Poser, I mean it's not like Daz or SM with their huge amounts of money and people could be bothered now.

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  • wimvdb_dc63ee9ce6wimvdb_dc63ee9ce6 Posts: 183
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    Someone has to go first, so here is my render in Poser with actually 2 genesis figures and a V4

    800 x 800 - 893K
  • Phoenix1966Phoenix1966 Posts: 102
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    Here's just a few examples of importing Genesis into Poser using Cliff's tutorial and scripts (not entries, just examples). :)

    615 x 800 - 172K
    615 x 800 - 129K
    615 x 800 - 155K
  • Phoenix1966Phoenix1966 Posts: 102
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    Another non-entry:

    Doyle for M5, dynamic shirt and Mullet Hair...

    615 x 800 - 184K
  • ArthurArthur Posts: 2
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    Just started trying genesis in Poser, so here are a few from me, It will be a learning experience for sure :)

    Image remove by mod for nudity. Please review the TOS for details.

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  • ArthurArthur Posts: 2
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    Ok, was a hard one but I've got some legacy clothes on M5, :)

    600 x 800 - 180K
  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,297
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    Question: how long is that intro price? Blame the store for me not knowing ...

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,297
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    Well - I am using Foxit Reader ...
    But I have to scratch some money together.
    Not being able to use my PC coupon for half of the price is making things difficult.
    But as I like DS AND Poser I would like to be able to use this doll in both ...
    *goes hunting for pennies behind the couch*
    And I think your tutorial is worth the full money, I am just not the wealthiest person.

  • Miranas ArtMiranas Art Posts: 55
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    The most interesting part for me is the clothing of Genesis. How are the expirience with the tutorial and clothing in Poser?

  • Miranas ArtMiranas Art Posts: 55
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    Mirana said:
    The most interesting part for me is the clothing of Genesis. How are the expirience with the tutorial and clothing in Poser?

    I can't promise it will make all clothing and hair work easily - it won't. But of those I've tried, it's helped more than it hasn't except on the default Genesis shape

    Thanks for your fast answer. But what about shapes like V4 (or is this a default?)?
    It's so bad that this genesis sale ends today, so there is so much pressure on my decision :-(

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,297
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    One more question: does your tutorial deal with Generation4/Generation3 clothes on Genesis too?

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,297
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    Thank you!
    Sounds logical - conform to Genesis in DS, save as dsf? in DS, run exporter.
    *still searching for pennies, but things are looking good*

  • invisigothinvisigoth Posts: 5
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    @pheonix that character looks like someone i know lol he doesn't wear glasses though

    i would enter this contest, but i can't get cr2 exporter to work properly..i export and i can't get poser..or more importantly carrara to read the cr2

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,297
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    I wished I had the time to take part in the competition - but I never ever finish a picture in two weeks. That's ok, at least I can use Genesis in Poser now. :)

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