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I just got Bryce pro and there are changes to the light lab but I can't find any documentation for the changes in it and the program itself has a help menu but it comes up with Bryce 6 documents and It has nothing as yet in the art wiki zone either only for the terrain editor and material lab nor have I found any video tutorials for it. does anyone know of any tutorials on the new light lab? would appreciate any help


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    Hi, the Bryce 7 manual can be found at this link (which you can find if you look under Bryce in the Documenation section of the site ):

    That should give some guide to the different areas of the light lab. There are a whole range of tutorials on different aspects of lighting on Youtube aswell, but look through the links given in the Bryce Help topics thread (very useful!)over in the New Users help forum here :

    If you have a specific query do post to the Bryce forum as there's usually someone around who can help.

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