Age of Steel - for setting up your fantasy fight scenes [commercial]

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Age of Steel, a set of 18 dynamic and powerful fantasy fight poses for Michael 4 & 5 and Victoria 4 & 5, is here:

The poses are designed for the Fantasy weapons collection, but they will work with other weapons too (although two-hand poses will probably require more or less adjustment). Due to the fact that all of the poses are created using limits on, there are some slight differences in poses between different figures.
There are also reset poses included.

None of the poses affect facial features, such as morphs, expressions or eye movement!

These promo images show the poses from different directions:


  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,208
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    wow great set of poses.

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 11,840
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    In my cart right now! Looking really good there. =-) Now if I can find a sci-fi melee weapon to use with 'em, that fits like a sword.=-)

  • PorsimoPorsimo Posts: 297
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    Thank you and thank you for your support too! :)

  • GhostofMacbethGhostofMacbeth Posts: 875
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    Poses look cool. I have no patience for it. :red:

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