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So... I do a level 2 subdiv in Hex, make my model, adjust... looks great, go back to zero, export to OBJ... and DURN IT, I forgot DS has slightly different math to do the subdiv, so a lot of my surfaces are cutting into eachother now... GRRRR....

I don't really have a question, I'm just venting because it makes life so much more difficult when I have to keep exporting every time I tweak the verts... what a royal pain in the arse...

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    That is a good question anyhow wancow. Just what flavour of subdivision does Daz use I wonder. Hexagon can subdivide in a few schemes.

    edit. yea I had a look,seems like catmull-clarke with sharper edges, and of course the mesh when divided gets smaller, may ask wancow do you use the Daz/Hex bridge to check your mesh ?

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    I have tried it with mixed results...

    I wanted to post this, it's the example where I found out exactly how different the subdivs are.

    This first image from HEX is how the mesh looks smoothed, and the next is how it looks in DS, base cage imported and the subdiv at level 2.

    842 x 561 - 118K
    444 x 603 - 90K
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    This one I exported from Hex subdivided at level 1 (4 quads each poly)

    The problem is, when I take the Base Cage in, which is what I want to do, getting it to work with Genesis is amazing. It works VERY very well. The more polygons, the more difficult it is to work with. DAZ seems to LOVE base cage meshes...

    444 x 603 - 85K
    444 x 603 - 92K
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    Yes I have found also, the simpler the better, although Daz's smoothing I find sometimes difficult to work with, very interesting wancow.

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    You know, I haven't noticed this so much, working with Blender...but then again both Blender and DS use the same algorithms for subdividing...

    But in general, yes, you don't have to go super high poly to get decent results.

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    MJC, I'm finding more and more that in DS low poly gives much better results. This is my experience, anyway, and that's a big reason I'm grying to construct my hair with very, very low poly...

    Gaw... I really don't want to try and tackle Blender, but your'e saying tat their SDS is seamless with DS?

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