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Is Bryce going to be upgraded for Mac OS Lion? There are probably a ton of Bryce fans who are MOST disappointed that a year after Lion came out, there is still no upgrade.

If not, what is a substitute Mac compatible program for building virtual outdoor sets and landscapes?

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    Poll removed - we aren’t sure why polls are enabled, they weren’t on the old forums, but it isn’t the intent that they should be there.

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    As was stated several times on the Old forum, at the moment Bryce is not compatible with OSX Lion. The reason for this is that OS X Lion was released after the Bryce 7 dev schedule had been wrapped up, As the Mac devlopers who were working on it were contractors, they moved on. When Bryce comes back into the dev cycle they are hoping to again employ a mac dev who has knowledge of Bryce and its rather unique coding.

    In the meantime several people are using B 7 iin a bootcamp.

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    Okay, what's a bootcamp?

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    Ugh, what a question to ask a non mac user. I gather it involves setting up a partition and using that to run windows, thus enabling you to use Bryce. You do however have to have a valid copy of windows, so does cost money.

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    To my knowledge, bootcamp is a piece of software that emulats Windoze on a Mac.

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    RBPahl41 said:
    Okay, what's a bootcamp?

    As Horo states, Bootcamp is a Windows system emulator. It creates a Windows partition on a chosen hard drive and when you start the Mac ('boot it') your Mac runs Windows software.

    The upshot is you can run Windows B7 on your Mac.

    There are other emulator solutions, such as Parallels and VMware's Fusion. But whichever option you use, including BootCamp, you'll need to purchase a Windows OS of your choice: NT, XP, 2000, 7, 8, whatever.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to clear this up. Bootcamp is not an emulator, it is a utility that helps with the process of creating a partition and getting the correct drivers so that you can use your Mac as if it were a pc to run Windowz.

    Also, thought I'd poke around another thread trying to see if anyone has the same problem as me, either running Bryce in Windows on a Mac or maybe even in Windows running on a PC.

    Please check here:

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