Daz Store Double Billing at incorrect Prices

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I was looking into purchasing the Super Suit Pro bundle and I noticed a lot of strangeness to its pricing. It seems to be different on every page I look at. On the new items page, it is showing $89.96. On the product page, it is showing $48.98. Great! So I put it in my cart... and it is suddenly... $62.97... Grrrrr.... what is the price supposed to be? The $62.97 price is the price it goes to at checkput, but according to the advert email it is supposed to be less than that. This is very frustrating.


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    The $48.97 - $62.97 seems to be happening to quite a few people and nowhere other than the email ad have I seen a PC Member price of $59.97 come up.

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    This is really annoying. I can't even remove it from my cart at the moment. I hope they get this fixed, one way or another. I also with I knew how long the lowered pricing is supposed to last so I can set my DAZ budget.

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    First off will somebody from Daz PLEASE tell us how long the Supersuit is on sale for at the introductory price?

    I simply will not go through the checkout the way the store is working. Here's what I get

    Supersuit on the menu page $34.95 crossed out and reflecting the 10% off with the proper price in red of $31.46 When I go to the page the price goes back to $34.95

    Supersuit Pro Bundle on the menu page $99.95 crossed out and the 10% off shown in red @ $89.96 When I go to the page the price goes back to $99.95

    Supersuit Pro Suite on the menu page $199.95 crossed out and 10% reflected in red @ $179.95 On the product page it drops to $97.98

    When I log in I get a whole new set of pricing but it is still just as messed up. Do I actually have to buy the Pro Suite, even though I have the extra items already, just to get the best price??? And why would the Pro Suite cost less than the Pro Bundle???

    So how about some info Daz,, Is this just one of your 1-day sales??? Can I hold out until you fix the store or will the sale be over then???

    I guess if you don't fix the store before your sale goes off, I'll save my money and you'll loose a sale.


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    The long story's over on the member's forum, but I figured I'd better post a word of warning here. A number of items are showing up in the cart with entirely different prices than in the store. in addition, i just had my order for the super-suit double billed so that an item that I put into the cart at $49.98 ended up as a bill for $125.95.

    And the links to customer service are down.

    On the other hand, the store DIDN'T charge me Texas sales tax, which the old store did... so, hey, I only got over-billed $71.85. The state of Texas might not find it so humorous though...

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