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Show your frustrations in art

RCTSpankyRCTSpanky Posts: 713
edited December 1969 in Art Studio

I know, that here a lot of users, who are frustraded about the current situation here at DAZ with the store and the forums. Because I was disapointed about how some of my comments are removed, because Mods don't understand ironic and sarcasm here, I've try to show my feelings about the store in art. I hope that none of the mods will remove this thread or part of the entries.

You're all are invited to show your feelings about the Store and the forums in your pictures too and post them in this thread.

I call my entry "Damaged Image"


  • SockrateaseSockratease Posts: 813
    edited December 1969

    My feelings?

    How do you spell PHTHBTHPTHBHTHPTH?

    800 x 600 - 785K
  • JEHarvey68JEHarvey68 Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    *ROFL* These are FAB! Excellent spirit; I feel for the DAZ team, even though I'm frustrated as well. They must be so tired & weary of the bugs and things not going the way they should. Really well done :)

  • KickAir 8PKickAir 8P Posts: 1,865
    edited June 2012

    We still can't use BBCode's img tag here, can we? Oh, well -- RawArt's got a cute one up in his deviantART gallery:

    Post edited by KickAir 8P on
  • XaatXuunXaatXuun Posts: 760
    edited December 1969

    feeling is mutual

    778 x 778 - 478K
  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    This is how I see Daz right now.

    READY to BITE.

    800 x 581 - 253K
  • MJ_VivianightMJ_Vivianight Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    One I posted in the RawArt thread, but fits here as well.


    800 x 600 - 523K
  • booksbydavidbooksbydavid Posts: 404
    edited December 1969

    One I posted in the RawArt thread, but fits here as well.



  • MJ_VivianightMJ_Vivianight Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    LOL glad you had a chuckle there. :)

    I should name that pict: "Solution to All Your Woes" or something.


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