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Exporting Poser with texture for Zbrush or other option for this presentation.

sculptorwritersculptorwriter Posts: 0
edited June 2012 in Poser Discussion

I am working on a presentation that I created using poser, Daz models and zbrush. It is a life size bronze of the Mad Hatter tea party and is for a park. I would now like to insert real children into the "bronze" model to indicate to my client the interaction of real people with the sculpture. I thought maybe I could create figures in Poser and then import them into zBrush, but I'm not sure how to get the materials. I'm also open to another way to do this. I tried importing the zbrush file into poser but I have to decimate it so much it loses too much when it gets into Poser.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • witchdidiwitchdidi Posts: 4
    edited December 1969

    Do you mean real photographs of kids or daz 3d models of kids?

    Can't you do the addition in Photoshop if they are real photographs? If 3d models, I think you can add textures in ZB by clicking new textures and selecting a texture from the runtime folders & combine that with ZB skinshader.

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