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Work in progress. Using AGOOS as the mixer for the worn PAINTED meat that show s the mental underneath!

2 years ago I would have make texture maps for all of these. maybe with separate masks to do what I can do with AGOOS now


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    Thumbs up!

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    Excellent images. How complicated was it to create the shaders? I remember downloading a trial version a while back and giving up after about 15 minutes without any results. Maybe I should give it another try.

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    Once you get to know your settings in AGOOS it a sinch! In fact out of all the separate OBJECT SHADERSS with AGOOS settings most of them are Duplicated I figure there is maybe 5 Separate AGOOS shaders! just depends on the shape of the object and where it is! Object tucked away out of the way wont have a lot of WEAR on them but like part I call the HEAD PIECE that has the WARNING sign on it form what I have seen almost all the paint is worn off of them!

    Last year I would of been making TEXTURE maps for every one of these objects. ANd I have a lot of them here s wel las AGOOs cant do everything.. ANd it does it just good enough!

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