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In the shader room I have a mixer and use AGOOS as the mixer then the NOISE set to one of the CELLULAR. In there you have a choice of I think 6-8 patterns...

1) Can you SOFTEN them up like BLUR them.. I know all about the THRESHOLD but thats not what I want I want to soften them up like around the EDGES like a blur!

2) IS there anyway to ADD a PATTERN in this area



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    HI Rich :)

    Try using the Curve filter.. than you can create all sorts of effects.
    Add a Cellular,. then select it and go to operators / curve filter, and it'll add the curve filter above the cellular to allow you to control the cellular

    Add the Cellular function as the blend in a Mixer of two other patterns or shader functions or values etc.
    that will allow you to have an effect within the cellular.

    Hope that makes sense,.. it can get complex when you're making mixers in the blends of mixers. :)

    Pic to help :)

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