Calling all pet owners show us your fur babies and non furry friends

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I know a lot of us has pets, in one form or another. Either we feed the wild life that lives by us,. or owners of cats, dogs, horse, goats. I thought this would be great for all animal lovers and owner of pets to get together and talk about them and share photos.
I own and operated an forever home for unwanted guinea pigs called Mystical Cavy Rescue. I have 10 guinea pigs at the present time. I also have 5 box turtles, 2 cats and a 7,800 gallon above ground pond with Koi , goldfish, blue gills and channel catfish. I will upload more photos later. The first photos is of Maverick, followed by Butterscotch and the last one is a group photo of Aden, Ketabarra and Gizmo. Ketabarra is the proud parent of Aden and Gizmo and the father is Maverick.


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    awwwww luvs da piggies

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    I would take pictures of my kittens but I am waiting until they open their eyes. The kittens were born last night/morning.

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    does that make you a grand ma?

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    Love them piggies. :coolsmile: Have had 36 of them over the years. The porkers are very cool.:coolsmile:

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    This is Orcus. He's getting old already, hitting 16 year milestone later this year. He's not living at my place (we have too many friends who are allergic to cats), so he's still with my in-laws (where I lived with my SO for several years).

    Likes: sunshine, food, scritchings.
    Dislikes: dogs, being picked up and held

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    One of my new catlings, taking a nap in between mad play sessions and food, and one of the last old cat we had who was turned 18 when he went

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    Here's my two delightful tormenters. ;-)

    The white faded tabby lady is Angel, and she's 21yrs. old; I've shared my home with her since the day she was born. I've often been told by my friends whom know of her beginnings that I need to write a book. See, as both her parents shared my home, both her parents nurtured & raised her & her two siblings equally. When my queen went into labor, he was by her side like he was her coach. We thought she'd be hostile toward him, but she actually wanted him there. He helped clean his kits as they were born & he would climb into their basket, lay down & let them snuggle up to him so momma could take a much needed break. Unlike most stories of toms not having much interest at all in the kittens they sire, mine took a particular interest in his kits, especially her...thus her name. When her & her siblings became more active, momma would let him take them outside to his favorite tree as she would watch from her sunning spot on the window sill. As they played in the grass, he would sit by his tree, watching & protecting...stepping in every now & again to break up sibling squabbles. Angel was always the odd one out. She was second born, but just didn't like the rough play of the her older brother & younger sister, so my tom would gently play with her.

    I remember one day where he was outside with them, another neighborhood tom lurked about too close to the kittens. Oh my tom would not have that. He jumped between the outsider & his kits, posturing until momma got them to safety & then went after the other tom. He did get in trouble with momma though for that...she did whip his backside when he returned, like she was telling him never to do that again. We lost him to a neighbor shooting him a few weeks later. And I can fully attest to the fact that our furry friends do grieve the loss of their loved ones. After loosing him, Angel...who had been born solid white, started to develop the ghostly tabby patterns similar to that of her father. Her older brother found a forever home, while her younger sister & mother remained with me until the day they joined her father at the Rainbow Bridge five years ago.

    She has helped me raise two pups from a few weeks old to the ripe old age of 15. Even though my pooches outweighed & outsized her, they were at her command.

    The gray lady is Momo; she's around 2 now and came into our lives shortly after loosing our dogs. My husband had gone to do on-site work order & that's where this little puffball of fur adopted him; she was born wild, but wasn't feral. As he tried to complete his job, she would wind in & out of his feet, climb him like he was a tree & just plain wouldn't leave him alone. When it came time for him to leave, she jumped in the car & made herself at naturally, he brought her home. She's been a welcome addition to our home & Angel wouldn't have it any other way. When Momo plays hide & seek with her; Angel will become frantic when she can't find her...mewing with worry. Momo will come running out, ever so apologetic for making her worry so.

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    My turtle Francesca, my iguana Zoe, and my hedgehogs Victoria and Ferguson!

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    So cute! We don't have any pets now. The baby in my avatar (well...when I had an avatar) was my golden retriever, who died a long time ago but is still missed.

    But this little baby's momma brought her by our house briefly today....does she count?

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    So cute! We don't have any pets now. The baby in my avatar (well...when I had an avatar) was my golden retriever, who died a long time ago but is still missed.

    But this little baby's momma brought her by our house briefly today....does she count?

    I would say she counts. This is about not just having pets , also includes the love of animals. The wildlife that visits us in our yards. She is so adorable. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I had a few guinea pigs I miss dearly, that is why I started Mystical Cavy Rescue, to give other guinea pigs a for ever home. Instead of going to the pet store and buying one.
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