My V4 in Poser problems

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Windows7 64-bit
Poser 9
I installed Victoria 4.2 Base to a directory other than Poser executable directory by selecting "DAZ Studio" option during the installation. After Victoria 4.2 was added to the scene, in the Parameters tab, the item "Morphform" did not show. Under the item "Morphs|Shapes", only the item "Male" was shown. Items like "Morph++", "Elite", and "Aiko r" were not shown in the panel. After the "INJ Base V4" was applied, it seems nothing happened. What could possibly be wrong? Please advise, thank you!


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    I just realized it was not a problem. Those items were not supposed to be there without installing V4 morph++, V4 Elite Body Shape, and A4.

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