Couple Poses For M5 and V5

Ariella CandelariaAriella Candelaria Posts: 17
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I would like couple poses for M5 and V5
I need them because I am a writer and I use Daz Studio to storyboard and hopefully to do the actual pics.
I made a list of poses that are already available in the store that would be great to have for M5 and V5

Together Pose Set Attraction
Together Pose Set
Need a Lift - poses for M4 and V4
Just Dance
Its Dance
Thats Amore
And most of all:
Tender Moments for M4V4


  • MJ_VivianightMJ_Vivianight Posts: 0
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    I second and third this request for same reason, at least insofar as for book covers and story promos.


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