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Polygon Count - Hexagon vs. c4d

marklaramarklara Posts: 0
edited June 2012 in Hexagon Discussion

I imported an object to hexagon.
In c4d it has 9000 polys and in hexagon 1600 polys.
How do I reimport the 1600 poly object to c4d?
If I save the 1600´ to c4d it has 9000 again.
Why is there such a difference?

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  • Design AcrobatDesign Acrobat Posts: 459
    edited December 1969

    Subdivision is being invoked somewhere by C4d is my guess.

    There is probably an option in C4D to export and import an object with or without subdivision.

  • marklaramarklara Posts: 0
    edited June 2012

    Thanks for the idea.
    Tried so much variations but the reimported hexagon object with lower polygon count always explode in c4d.
    best regards

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