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Hi Guys,
A while back (February) i downloaded the free Daz software, Unfortunately as i have been so busy, i have not had time to try it out, now i have got time i have been playing around with many of its features and thought i would try out the animation tools.
so after watching a tutorial video, clicked "tools" then "animate 2", nothing happened no time line appeared, Went into help clicked the "about installed pluggins", found it installed but i see i need a code.

I am sure i know the answer which is yes, but is it something i have to purchase.

I am happy to do this as i have this free software, but as i have bought poser, iclone before and even the standard Daz 3d (which was also a free offer a few years ago) had animation tools, i just wanted to check in case i was doing something wrong

Kind regards

Rupert Kingsford.


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    The Animate 2 was a timed demo. Like one month, it timed out if you installed and did not use it. The only way to use it now would be to buy the Animate 2 plugin.

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    HI Miles381624

    Just to add,.
    Once the Animate 2 Trial has expired,.. the options in animate return to being "Animate Lite" instead of the full Animate 2
    You should still have tabs for the Animate timeline, and the DazStudio Timeline
    when you go to "Pose and Animate" in the top Tabs section.

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