Need help with uninstall files

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I'm upgrading my computer this week and trying to whittle down my content file before moving my stuff over. Problem is: while uninstalling items from the START BAR > DAZ PRODUCTIONS > INSTALLED CONTENT I must have accidentally deleted the tab called "INSTALLED CONTENT" (This is the bar that opens all the uninstall tabs to choose from) . Can somebody please tell me how to make this tab come back to the start menu? This machine has Windows XP operating system and i'm using DAZ 3. Thanks.


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    I don't know how you would get the entire menu item with it's contents back, short of going back to an earlier time before you deleted it, and that is a bit drastic. (what's it called again?)

    I am on Win 7, and mine are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DAZ. In XP you wont have an x*^ folder unless you are running the 64 bit version. You could try looking in C:\Program Files\Common Files\DAZ.

    One of the uninstallers you may have is called Victoria4Base_Uninstall.exe, you could try a search for that if they are not in Common Files.

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    I found them all in Common Files--thanks Jimmy!

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