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I've just installed Handy for Genesis and all the hand poses are listed in the Pose Tab.
I am working on a Sadie Fae character and as soon as I pick part of the character the Handy for Genesis poses disappear and are replaced by the DAZ ones.
What am I doing wrong?


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    Nothing. Everytime we click on anything the entire Smart Content changes product view. Most annoying. Have to relocate the item(s) after whatever is selected in the Scene. Some items require the root of Genesis to be selected.
    However most if not all items are also accessible via the Parameters Tab or the Content Library.

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    I know,,Patience 55,, the product view and file view are not connected with^^;
    it must need,,, I think.

    then,,old bolock,,

    it is because,, the default meta-data of handy poze is not imagine the case.
    you use these poze with the Sadie or V4 etc.

    So if you want to show the Handy for genesis when you select Sadie,,
    first You need to set Sadie meta-data, and set Compatibility base,,(declared as) "I am Sadie Fae" in content DB editor.
    (I do not know, Sadie Fae has meta-data already,, but may be not,,,)
    then you need to set compatiblity Handy for genesis poze files with Sadie too..

    Smart Content just filter compatibility with and base,, they do not think,,
    if this poze can be useful for other generation figure,, or not,, never,,
    they work , just as meta-data discirbed ^^;

    so you can set pozes compatibility with Prop too.. Smart Content can not understand,,
    the prop has no hand or not ^^;

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    Thw whole point of Smart Content is to be context sensitive. If I select the head of Genesis, in theory, the only items that should appear in Smart Content, are the items which can be put on Genesis's head. Of course, the whole thing relies upon the Metadata being set up correctly in the first place, and Metadata creators all using EXACTLY the same format. This does not seem to have happened yet.

    It is worth repeating here, Smart Content only works when the CMS (Content Management Service) is running, and only if the item has Metadata supplied in the first place.

    The Content Library pane has no such restrictions, ALL content which has been installed should appear there, assuming that the Content Directory Manager has been set up correctly. Even the Content Library relies on CMS a little, it is used to run the Search function at the top of CL pane.

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    OK thanks guys, I'm now delviing into all things metadata. We live and learn, as fast as I overcome one problem another steps up to keep me on my toes. But I'm getting there. My fairy has done her trial flight it'll be even better when she wag her fingers its a good job I'm retired.

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