OT - Have You Ever Had A LOL Dream?



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    @Cyn - or trip and accidentally fall into a house pet. :ahhh:

    From a scientific side, I remember from 8th grade being told that dreams actually last no more than a few seconds and your brain's imagination fills in the gaps and expands it once you wake up.

    The scariest dream I had, was during a time I fell asleep with the TV on. Saving Private Ryan came on at some point and the shooting effects crept their way into my subconsciousness inducing a Columbine High School style nightmare. I ended up having a Matrix style episode and could feel my body waking up, but I couldn't open my eyes or move. Imagine your consciousness being trapped in someone else's body. You're completely aware, and you try to move, but nothing works as if you're paralyzed and comatose.

    It's only happened that one time, and I can't say I'd like to experience it ever again.


    Being a lover of goth/industrial music, I've heard that falling asleep to Skinny Puppy albums can induce some weird stuff while sleeping. I've done it multiple times and nothing ever happened. I felt jipped. LOL

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    pumeco said:
    Just wanted to say that I've read the stuff here and think you're all a bit weird.

    One thing I know for certain about dreams is that Caffeine can play a big part in it.

    I used to think it was nonsense, but it's not, it's absolutely true - it just depends on the type. I'd been drinking Coffee forever and it never effected me, but then I tried some weird Brazilian stuff and I tell you what, you can forget about watching "Hostel" or whatever, just go to sleep on this stuff instead. I was subjected to a few weeks of really intense dreams and actually thought there might be something wrong with me - no kidding.

    Then the weird Brazillian coffee ran out and the dreams stopped.

    Sadistic as it might sound, I'll have to buy another jar so that I can use it whenever I fancy a totally screwed-up dream. Can't remember the name of it but I'll know it instantly from the label when I see it again. Will have to remember to buy another jar, a big one this time!

    :lol: This is really amusing, pumeco. Could you take a pic and post the label for us? I'd love to run an experiment if the effect induces only horrific results or is a stimulant that induces dream activity according to personality types.

    @Cyn - or trip and accidentally fall into a house pet. :ahhh:


    LOLOL Or one of the squirrels on the porch. Then I'd really be up a tree. ; ] (sorry, couldn't resist)

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    I do agree with pumeco about caffein affecting your dreams... I have weird disjointed dreams if I have too much coffee, too late... the problem is they are never really "good/useful" dreams, only fragmented "review of the day" type junk... that and I always wake up every 15 min - half hour, so that sucks too... that and like half of them are "pee dreams"... you know like where you dream you have to pee and there is someone using the bathroom, it's locked or for whatever reason you have to hold it for a stupidly long time... then you wake up and find out you REALLY DO have to pee... I hate those... but I suppose its better than waking up in a puddle, yeah?

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    If you like mixing strange music with Caffeine before sleep, check out this post - music doesn't get much weirder:

    Not sure which way the weird coffee would effect the test subject you have in mind, but in my case I think it was trying to tell me that I watch way too many horror movies. Trouble is I'm a bit of a sadist so it only makes me want more. To me that coffee is like getting unseen horror footage for free every night as I sleep.

    But yup, I'll take a photo of it and post it once I know I have the right stuff again.
    It's cheap as well, I mean a teaspoon of that stuff doesn't work out at much cost; it's a lot cheaper than buying a Blu-ray :lol:

    I only ever wake during a dream if it's something weak. I never waken during an intense dream, but what's strange is that no matter how basic or diverse a dream is, it seems to time itself perfectly so that it ends as I wake up. I hardly ever dream and then wake up in the middle of the night. The vast majority of times it's pretty much time to get up when the dream ends.

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    pumeco said:
    If you like mixing strange music with Caffeine before sleep, check out this post - music doesn't get much weirder:

    You'd be surprised. lol
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    Jaderail said:
    Nobody has mentioned Lucid Dreams yet. I have those from time to time. For some odd reason in the middle of ordinary type dreams the ones when I'm just taking a walk or that kind of thing I suddenly know I'm dreaming. Then I can take over the dream and do stuff, I've made myself fly, I've made trees bloom with pretty flowers, changed the sky. Stuff like that. It only last a little bit then I'm just dreaming again.

    I have had dreams where I realize that I am dreaming but cannot figure out how to wake up. I do not think of doing anything cool other than trying to wake up. I do eventually figure out how to wake up, but it usually takes a while.

    Actually I have tried to control dreams but they never work out as planned.

    I even had something like movie dreams. I dream I am watching a movie but then become part of the "movie" then go back to watching it or start in the "Movie" then go to watching it.

    I also have had dreams where I cannot find a way to turn on the lights even though there are many light switches (more than reasonable amount) I also have had dreams where I was trying to turn off an alarm clock with no luck. I go to alarm clock after alarm clock but unable to turn them off.

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    From a scientific side, I remember from 8th grade being told that dreams actually last no more than a few seconds and your brain’s imagination fills in the gaps and expands it once you wake up.

    Vaskania - I remember dozing off on the sofa one day, and getting to that half-asleep/half-awake state. I was disturbed by the door opening, and I vividly recall three distinct images - the front door of a house, a briefcase, and a refrigerator. But as I woke up they merged into a short sequence - I opened the front door of my house (which became a refrigerator door as I opened it), and put my briefcase into the refrigerator. Weird, eh?

    Jaderail - Lucid dreams? I've had one or two semi-lucid ones, where I become aware that I'm dreaming and partially take control. I say partially, because it never goes quite how I want. Like once, deciding to make myself fly and managing to float up into the air, but being totally unable to move sideways, and having this strange feeling that my subconcious was laughing at me and saying "so you think you're stronger than me, eh!"

    I also remember reading about 'hypnagogic hallucinations', the scientific term for those visions/dreams you get as you're waking, with your eyes open, but your body paralysed. I used to get them quite often, and I'd be too scared to go back to sleep. After discovering a rational explanation for them, I had no problem getting back to sleep. But they were still terrifying while they were happening.

    (Personally I much prefer LOL dreams to scary ones)

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