Looking for '40's and Edwardian-era hairstyles for V4

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I need the following kinds of hairstyles for Victoria 4:

1) A '40's/'50's-type hairstyle with a smooth, elegant shoulder-length look a la Rita Hayworth in Gilda or Veronica Lake's "peek-a-boo" hairstyle;

2) A "Gibson Girl"-type hairstyle similar to those worn in the late 1890's/early 1900's.

Regarding the former, I have several of AprilYSH's hairstyles (Portia, Marisandra, Harlow, Deeta) but while they're among my favorite V4 hairs they're not quite what I need for 1) above. As to the latter, I got Biscuits' "Vivian" hair from Rendo a couple of months back but it's turned out to be a prop rather than a full-fledged hairstyle with very limited morphs, plus which the mats/textures don't work one-click style in DS (I'd have to go into Editor to change the textures). It's kind of irritating that there's so much steampunk stuff out but not so much in the way of more authentic late Victorian/Edwardian fashion, but then, I've complained about that before...


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