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Modelling around v4

3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 1,269
edited December 1969 in Hexagon Discussion

I have a quick question. I've got some time to try my hand at a model. I wanted to model a clothing item around V4, but last time I tried, loading V4 as an OBJ made Hex very sluggish for me. (I7, 8mb RAM, gt540)

Is there a way to do this that may be less memory intensive, or to reduce the V4 obj "cost" on resources.

...or maybe that is not even it, and it is due to..etc?



  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
    edited December 1969

    Why not just send V4 to Hex via the bridge,or even as an OBJ and then cut off any parts you dont need, like the Head, Hands, Feet etch, that is what I used to do on an XP machine years ago. I have an i7 chip as well, and it soesn't slow me down any.

    We used to make a Mannequin in Hex, and colour the polys that make up each bone area for splitting up the mesh when done. This would be much easier done with Genesis, and one size fits all.

  • 3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 1,269
    edited December 1969

    That true, I could eliminate the parts I don't need. I would just need abdomen, hips and thighs. I will give that a try and see if it is faster. Thanks.

  • edited December 1969

    3doutlaw said:
    ...or maybe that is not even it, and it is due to..etc?

    Not sure what the problem is but it's not V4's complexity.

    Your system specs far exceed mine (as you can see from my sig) and I can handle V4 with no problem whatsoever.

  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,214
    edited December 1969

    What afriaginname wrote goes for me too - only 3Gig RAM, no problem.

    V4 comes in a variety of low poly versions - mine are in C:\Users Documents\Daz 3D\Studio\My Library\Runtime\Geometries\Daz People\blMilWom_v4b_LOD. Import as .obj at 500% and export the finished dress as .obj at .002% to get the size right - I assume you'll be using the legacy FST for the rigging, so will need it to be at Poser scale.

  • stem_athomestem_athome Posts: 350
    edited December 1969

    3doutlaw said:
    Hex very sluggish for me. (I7, 8mb RAM, gt540)

    Is that the nVidia graphics.
    One thing to watch for with nVidia:- Go into the "nVidia control panel" -> "Managed 3D settings" and disable(change to off) the "Threaded optimization".

  • 3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 1,269
    edited December 1969

    OK...remember, I said "try my hand at modelling", which implies the newbie aspect.

    In reading a tut, I found that by freezing the OBJ you are modelling around and making it Flat Solid...all of the sudden everything is moving around lickety split!

  • 3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 1,269
    edited December 1969

    This actually is going quite well! :)

    On a side question, if you add something like a button to shorts, how do you make it "stick" so that using it in Poser dynamics, it wont just drop to the floor? (or belt buckle, etc)

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