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I opened a blank 3D model with Daz 4.5 and went through using the editor to customize each part and now I need to know how to export an image map. The model is only edited with colors for each part, there are no images used in the customization, I do this to mark out each piece.


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    You can save thee settings, as a material preset for the colours for example, so that you can reapply them - is that what you want?

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    Not so much, I want to make this editable with other programs so I can share it when I am finished with it. I need to know how to export all the color setting and whatnot as an image map

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    That Requires a UV map, then the UV map is the template used to add the colors and details on. That then becomes the Texture Map that loads in the Diffuse Channel in Surfaces.

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    IF (and only IF) the model has a UVMap, what you can do is colour your material zones, and BAKE the shader, take that into Photopoop, PaintShopPro or GIMP and edit it...

    you will find the SHADER BAKER on the Surfaces Tab. From what I read in your post, it seems that's what you are trying to do.

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