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iso clothes for Monsters in my Cupboard?

MistyMistMistyMist Posts: 21,154
edited December 1969 in The Commons

i was thinking, something like, shorts with suspenders?


  • the3Ddigitthe3Ddigit Posts: 13,268
    edited December 1969

    3DU might like to hear your suggestions
    I might buy some wardrobe items too if they do them.
    there is always dynamic cloth!

  • MistyMistMistyMist Posts: 21,154
    edited December 1969

    dyn cloth is kewl, but it can be a lot of overhead for several characters in a scene.

    i was just thinking of monster's inc, tee hee. if we had security guard outfits for the cupboard monsters, and baby Blossom could play the human that strayed into the monster realm.

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