Painting a scar on a skin texture

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I've painted scars on human skin textures before but it's been two years since I last needed to do that and I've completely forgotten how to do it! I need help!

I need to paint a long and thin old/healed scar on a V4 character's face that looks as real as possible. I looked at those sets by Shana at Renderosity but they look too fresh for what I have in mind. The scar (according to the story) is from an old katana wound, if that helps explain what I'm needing.

My available tools are Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5, and Zbrush.

Any hints, tips, tutorials, etc. would be greatly appreciated!


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    I'd like to bump this thread. Any advice for painting a scar on V4's face? Something suitable for a villainess or a buccaneer. Arrrr!

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    found this tutorial... but the images are gone:

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    If it were me, I'd load the skin texture and related bump maps into photoshop and layer them.

    Then I'd create a new layer and create a path where I want the scar to start. You can use the path tool to create a straight line between the two points, then bend/curve it to give it a more realistic look.

    Then I'd stroke the path, using the pressure setting so it is thicker in the middle. The brush size is something to play with, but I'd use a fuzzy brush.

    Then I'd play with the inner glow/outer glow to give it more dimension, and the layer properties (multiply, overlay, lighten, etc.) until I got the look I wanted.

    Save the texture under a new name, then hide the texture layer and save the bump layer under a new name.

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    you can also use the Layered Image Editor to place it once you've painted the scar.

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