What is the C8_NativeContent_8.0.0.4? and other 8.5 questions

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What is the C8_NativeContent_8.0.0.4? Since I have access to my Genesis content Is the C8_NativeContent_8.0.0.4 relevant for Carrara 8.5

I am a newby here. I love what I have seen in DAZ 3D studio and so I decided to give the Carrara beta a try!

All of my Genesis content popped up in Carrara and so I have a few questions. :-)

1. What is in the C8_NativeContent_8.0.0.4 content and do I need to install it if I already have access to my Genesis content? Am I missing anything if I do not install the C8_NativeContent?

2. Is the C8_NativeContent_8.0.0.4 compatible with the Carrara beta?



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    Yes install it then explore the browser - it contains heaps of stuff - presets for particles/ scenery / modifiers etc and lots of basic models.Y
    Yes and it works in C8.5

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    How does one get the native content into 8.5? It won't load into 8.5 on my 10.7 mac. I have 8.1 and its loaded into it, but I cannot figure out how to load the content into 8.5.172

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    I don't have C8 or any flavor or OS X 10.7, but I think the principles are still valid.

    1) Right or Control click the Carrara 8 icon and select Show Package Contents. A new finder window should open.

    2) Open the contents folder--> Then the Mac OS folder.

    3) You should see a window that has a bunch of folders and other icons. Look for the Content, Presets, Data and Scenes folders and duplicate them and move the duplicates to the same directory in the Carrara 8.5 beta, using the steps outlined above in 1 and 2. Hopefully you'll be able to see the stuff when you launch C8.5. You could try creating aliases of the folders, but I'm not sure if that would work.

    Also, could you edit the thread title to get rid of some of the extra point numbers. The long subject title seems to throw off the page formatting. Thanks!

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    Curved Design I have edited your thread title, and placed the text from it into your first post, because such a long thread title wias breaking the forum formatting.

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    Thanks Chohole!

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    visserm said:
    How does one get the native content into 8.5? It won't load into 8.5 on my 10.7 mac. I have 8.1 and its loaded into it, but I cannot figure out how to load the content into 8.5.172


    Carrara 8.5 beta Meets Genesis (Starter Tutorial)

    I followed the instructions from the thread above and it worked perfectly for me. The key is making a Carrarra8.5b folder and installing version Carrara 8.5 into that folder and then making sure to edit the install folder, when you first run the Native Content installer, to the same Carrarra8.5b folder.

    Good Luck!


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    Thanks for all of your help guys!

    I am about 1/4 through the Infinite Skills Carrara 8 Tutorial using version 8.5 and everything is working fine! I have even loaded and played around with some of the Genesis characters and have not run into any major problems at least not yet!

    P. S. evilproducer, thanks for the tip on the Mac show package contents. Even though the installer worked for me when I point everything to a specifically created Carrara85b folder, I was wondering how to get to some of the individual raw content files in a lot of the packaged Daz installers. I see how now!



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