Toon saucer

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Again something I needed and therefore made, and then decided to share with others - although this time quite unusual item for me :)

So, it's a toon ufo and a rather quickly made. I had 3D Universe's Toon alien in mind while doing this so I included a pilot pose for it.


- Figures:
* Toon saucer with windshield
* Toon saucer with canopy

(It's the same mesh, but with either canopy or windshield hidden)

- ERCs for controlling canopy and stick
- "Crash" morph
- 2 textures (red and blue)
- 2 P5 Mat poses (pz2)
- 2 P6 and DS materials (mc6, dsa)
- Pilot pose for 3D Universe's Toon alien (pz2)

Figures load without textures, but plain Poser mats applied.



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    Looks very cool. Looks like something you'd expect to see in a Tim Burton film.

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    This is so cute, thank you.

  • bighbigh Posts: 7,437
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    slick - thank you

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 5,274
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    Thank you very much sir! :)

  • PorsimoPorsimo Posts: 297
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    You're welcome, all! :)

    I made this because I wanted to renew my site's custom 404 & 403 error pages and had a certain idea for them:

    600 x 263 - 67K
    600 x 370 - 61K
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    Thanks Petri for this awesome toony freebie. :)
    Also your 404 pics made me laugh...LOL .... Great idea!
    Sending warm greetings to Finland from Sweden!
    -Teresa :coolsmile:

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,279
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    It's adorable - thanks!!

  • xantorxantor Posts: 27
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    Thank you. :-)

  • PorsimoPorsimo Posts: 297
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    You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :)

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    love it thanks

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