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Ethnicity for Genesis not showing up in

StormlyghtStormlyght Posts: 209
edited December 1969 in The Commons


Has anyone else had challenges with the morphs for ethnicity being available in the newest version of DAZ Studio? I was able to easily use them in but the latest release doesn't seem to recognize the files. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, resetting the database and reimporting metadata (primarily because I'm missing other items in my library as well since updating) but that hasn't helped.

Thank you in advance for any help you might provide.


  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 4,743
    edited December 1969

    My ethnicity morphs are availble but I seem to have lost some others, ones brought over by GenX.

  • cwichuracwichura Posts: 1,000
    edited December 1969

    Are you looking in the Shaping tab or Parameters tab? Everything should always show in Parameters, while Shaping requires the morphs to be classified a specific way to show up.

    Personally, I don't even have the Shaping tab in my workspace, and just use the Parameters tab.

  • StormlyghtStormlyght Posts: 209
    edited January 2013


    I checked both the shaping and parameters areas and I'm unable to locate the morphs. I used to access them through the parameters tab.

    Update: I uninstalled the DAZ Studio and the CMS and ALL files that had anything to do with DAZ Studio which required an extensive search on my Mac. I've documented all of the hidden locations of these files so if it happens again it isn't such a lengthy process in locating them. Anyhow the good news is that my ethnic morphs are showing up in my parameters tab again. Yay!

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  • riftwitchriftwitch Posts: 1,324
    edited December 1969

    I've had some morphs 'go missing' after I updated to Studio 4.5. The morphs are there in old projects, but in a new project they don't show up in either Shaping or Parameters. So far, every time this has happened, the morphs are in a product that has been updated since I originally purchased it. Resetting the download for the product and reinstalling it has fixed it every time for me.

  • StormlyghtStormlyght Posts: 209
    edited December 1969

    Hi Riftwitch,

    Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely keep that in mind if this occurs again.

  • edited December 1969


    I downloaded the Ethnicity Bundle, but can't figure out where the textures and hairs are.


  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 4,743
    edited December 1969

    There aren't any, the Ethnicity sets are just face morphs

  • edited December 1969



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