Fields, gardens, and orchards

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I would like to do some farm renders and have not been able to find much in the way of crop plants for them. I decided to make this thread to see if anyone knew where I could find some of these plants and to request PA's to consider modeling some of them. I need them to work in Daz Studio and am willing to buy them if they are reasonably priced. So far I have found olive trees, cherry trees, sunflowers, and strawberries here at Daz. There is also an apple tree here at Daz, but it uses Poser 7 materials and only has textures for early summer. I found carrot, onion, and garlic models in the freepository -

Field crops I would like include wheat, barley, millet, and rice. It would be great if each could go from seedling to immature crop to mature grain.

Just about any garden vegetables would be good. I am most interested in cabbage/lettuce, beans, peas, and tomatoes.

For the orchard, apple trees are the main one I want, but orange, lemon, apricot, peach, pear, and walnut would also interest me. Ideally I would like something like the Lisa's Botanicals Cherry Trees that use textures for the same tree at different times of the year (winter, spring blooming, green leaves, immature fruit, ripe fruit, autumn leaves).


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