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My Wishlist is stuck ??

Muon QuarkMuon Quark Posts: 410
edited January 2013 in The Commons

The other day I added Branwen hair to my Wishlist before I had logged in. When I logged in my Wishlist showed 1 item but when I went to view it there was nothing there. I added a second item thinking maybe both items would show up now, like the problem with the Cart sometimes. Didn't work, the Wishlist indicated 2 items but only the second item showed up.

I tried sending everything to the cart hoping it would clear the wishlist but that didn't work either. It sent both items to the cart but I got an error that the max number I can send for the hair was 1 and the wishlist still indicated 1 item was there.

Then I logged out, cleared the cache, restarted Firefox, logged back in. I did this several times but the wishlist still indicates 1 item but when I view the wishlist, nothing is there. I did several hard refreshes as well.

I then opened a support ticket and asked if there is a way to reset the wishlist. I was told to log out, clear cache.....etc. I've done that multiple times.

While I'm waiting for another response from support, I thought I would ask here if anyone had any other ideas about this. It's like the problem with the cart sometimes when you add something to it prior to logging in.

Anyways, I ramble. Appreciate any help.

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  • 3Ddreamer3Ddreamer Posts: 553
    edited December 1969

    I added Branwen Hair to my wishlist when I was logged in. Went back later and it wasn't there so I added it again thinking I hadn't the first time - still isn't there, but when I send my wishlist to an email address it appears in that. I've since added something else to my wishlist and it is there, but still no Branwen Hair. Seems to be something to do with that item.

  • Muon QuarkMuon Quark Posts: 410
    edited January 2013

    Hmmm. That is interesting. I also wonder if it's the hair. Hopefully someone will have an answer soon.


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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,908
    edited December 1969

    Well I have just checked, and it is Definitely the hair that is making the glitch. I added the hair, and it doesn't show, then added another item and that one shows.

    We can Flag this up, but I doubt anything will be done over the weekend.

  • Muon QuarkMuon Quark Posts: 410
    edited December 1969

    Thank you Chohole. I tried everything I could think of to fix it but couldn't. No worries if they get to it next week, that's fine.


  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 21,695
    edited December 1969

    ..I've been experiencing issues moving items from the wishlist to the cart. I click on "Add to Cart" but nothing happens.

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