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Hey Daz Folks,

I have started a Kickstarter... BUT... I'll have you know, I did make a feature length movie, using many MANY Daz Models. I animated in 3dsmax but scoured Daz3d as my main model source! You can check that film out, which I was so close to selling here in Hollywood.

And please check out out my kickstarter. Watch my first feature and drink every time you see a Stonemason or other Daz3d model! ;)


And yes, Grimbah is a Daz3d model... so is the princess! So is the set! :-)


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    Sure it's stylized, but "World Gone Mad" is pretty impressive, pacing and editing wise. You know how to tell a visual story with the right balance of action and humor.

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    Wow, thanks. Yes I had to "reduce" down, just to deal with my home PCs and rendering... even animating... Were talking hundreds of shots..

    You don't know how hard something is till you do it. Though I've been animating and the such for years before, when I decided to do a movie, it was like... d'uhhhh... You sort of forget that in studios and small stuff you don't have to remember everything. But doing a feature... its overwhelming... Like, you know how to swim, no problem, then a huge flood gate of water comes at you... swim? whah?

    Anyway, I'm still trying, hoping, and want to kickstart to make sure what I do is up to par and fits into a genre that distributors 'get'.

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