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    And to backgrounds. This is a DAZ CGI background with post work. It's the style I'm using for my traditional animated series.

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    You can see the difference between this and the earlier CGI version I posted of the character. But whereas I'd have to hand keyframe (trace) the CGI character in order for it to be effective, here I just utilize nested keyframes. Which, in the end, I feel is simpler and more efficient.

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    Hi BC Rice,

    You are a gem! Thank you very much. I am going to try your instructions now and see how I get on.

    I can't understand though, why DCG sell their plugin (I can only speak of Toon Pro) with no instructions. Without your instructions I would have had no idea that every shader had to be changed. I thought it was done automatically when you select Toon Pro on the uppermost shader in the texture room.

    I think they assume that everyone is an experienced animator, but some of us are just starting out and looking for plugins to make life easier, not more confusing.

    I hear what you are say regarding maybe having to keep the 2d and 3d in separate projects. I would like my characters to talk, but I thought I would have been able to still toon my characters and then use Mimic pro to make them speak. I actually prefer the lip syncing I get from my 2d art, using Papagayo and then importing the .dat file into Anime Studio.

    What I may do is use my 3d art to create the backgrounds and props.

    You mention YaToon in your instructions. I don't have that plugin and have searched for it all over the net, but it seems it is no longer available.

    Thanks again for all your uploads. Really appreciated! :-)


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    Making furniture, rooms, etc is fairly simple because they typically will only have a single shader. Also, you *can* use ToonPro's line art function to great success on objects like that. I think you know this, but when you go into render your file, you simply choose the ToonPro option instead Draft, Photorealistic or Non-Photorealistic. There you'll see you can either choose to have your line be a specific color (black, for instance) or you can have the lines reflect a slightly darker version of the color that's being outlined. But again, I wouldn't use this on anything but inanimate objects.

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    >>Also, you *can* use ToonPro’s line art function to great success on objects like that. I think you know this, but when you go into render your file, you simply choose the ToonPro option instead Draft, Photorealistic or Non-Photorealistic.<<</p>

    Yes, I have already played with this and got some excellent line drawings (by unchecking 'Do Base Render') of my 3d characters to then import into Anime Studio as a tracing image. Works great.


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    Just wanted to thank you again BC Rice. I have just tried out your instructions and it works beautifully. The only thing is that in your instructions you say to use YaToon in Source 2. I don't have that plugin even though it is, or was free. It does not seem to be available anymore and I can't find it online. Do you know where I can download it from? I used Toon Pro in Source 1 and Source 2. Is this OK?

    I tried your instructions out on one of the built in Carrara objects (the vending machine). I think the toon render looks much better than the photo realistic render. I'm not sure how to upload pictures on this forum as I am new to it, otherwise I would upload my images. :-)

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    To post an image, use the Browse button below the text entry field to browse your hard drive for the image you want. If you want to attach more than one image (up to 5) you would need to hit the Preview Post button, the Browse field will clear and you can browse to your next selection. You need to do this for each image. Note: You will not see the images until you actually Submit your post.

    Image formats I've seen posted here include, .jpg .png and .gif (even animated gif). The imnages can be a maximum of 2000x2000 pixels and the total data size of all images uploaded per post cannot exceed 9999 KB. I'm not sure what the data size limit for individual images is. I would try and avoid individual images over 1 MB to be safe.

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    Thanks for that! :-)

    Here is my effort with the Toon Pro Plugin. As I mentioned before, I experimented with a Carrara built-in object.

    The top one is with the Toon Pro shaders added ...

    This second is the render straight from Carrara ...

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    Yeah, the top one looks great!

    And yeah, I'm having trouble finding YAToon as well now. It looks like all the blogs where it was located have been deleted.

    This is where it used to be: But the link to it is 404'd

    I wonder if anyone still has a zip file lying around. If I do, I'll see about getting it to you...

    Mine would be for C7Pro, though. Not 8

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    If you Wayback Machine the old page you can still download the C7 version from the archived page.

    Wayback Machine archived the zip files. :)

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