"Allways turn off limits"

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As my screenshot of the preferences below show I have set the

"When importing a Pose the not obey limits :" to "Always turn off limits"?

But Daz Studio persistently obey the limits...

Is there any other setting I should change for this to work?


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    It doesn't control the limits generally, it controls how DS behaves when it loads a Poser pose file that places the rotations beyond their allowed limits (Poser defaults to not using limits, so a lot of poses break them). Unless you apply a limit-breaking pose to the figure nothing will happen as a result of that setting.

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    You can set Studio 4 to ignore limits in the parameters tab. I don't have it running, but I believe it is a "gear" icon option to the right of the parameter name. Right click it and explore the options in the drop down menus. As far as I know, there is no way to turn off ALL the limits at one time (I never tried) ((maybe selecting the root?)). Richard (or someone else may be able to clarify that.

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    It is my way,

    1 select ALL(not figure) on sceane tab

    2 ctrl + click camera (or other items)

    3 You may select all bones now. check parameter tab >general>

    then "Bend, twist, side-side, front back, up-down" one by one, check "gear" as Super Newb said.
    yes You can limit off now.

    then save the seanes (with the limit off figure), road the seanes.

    (otherwise if you load new genesis, it may keeps limit )

    If you want to change them perfectly, I seems you should adjust "propatie editor" and save new propertie, just I think so,,)

    yeah, I hope Richard (or someone else may be able to) clarify that. too.

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    Sorry, I was answering exactly the question asked rather than the implicit question. If it's just rotations you want to unlimit you can do that for the selected figure(s) from the Parameter pane option menu - in DS4 right-click the tab, in any version click the button in the top corner of the pane.

    If you are wanting to switch off morph limits too, bear in mind that some morphs that interact with other morphs need limits on to behave correctly - turning limits on absolutely everything off may give unexpected results at times.

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    Thank you all for the answers!

    I wanted to know if there was any way to get Daz Studio to load my pose fit files for my extreme heels without having to go into the parameters of the foot rotation joints and the FeetShoeFit parameter every time I load the shoes.

    You have all confirmed my suspicion that it is impossible so the only workaround seem to be to save a scene with the Genesis base figure where the parameters are edited and use that as the base for scenes that will include for example my shoes.

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    Well, there is another option - a little script file to turn off the limits on the joints. Which bones, and which rotations on the bone, need limits off?

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    I would love to learn how to do that for Daz Studio! :coolsmile:

    Have not taken the time to do it yet. but it's worth the effort if I can create something to replace the pose files that gives the correct settings in one click!

    Can you point in a direction of a good reference to get me stared?

    It don't have to be for total beginners. I wrote my first lines of code around 1977... ;-)

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    var node = Scene.getPrimarySelection();

    will get you the node that's selected, then

    if ( node.inherits( "DzBone" ) {
    node = node.getFigure();

    will make sure you have the figure itself. Once you do (as a check, it will inherit DzSkeleton) you can use

    var target = node.findNodeChild ( "lFoot", true);

    to find the foot (or whatever you need) the true is telling it to burrow down the tree, otherwise it checks only the immediate children of node.

    Once you have the foot, use

    var control = target.getXRotControl();

    to return the parameter controller you need, on which you can use either

    control.setMax( n );
    control.setMin( n );

    to relax the limits or

    control.setIsClamped( false );

    to turn them off.

    control.setValue( n );

    is the way to set the actual parameter.

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    Now we are half way there :-)

    Next step, this has to go into a script file (.dsa ?) to replace the current .dsf file?

    What I want to do is dirt simple:
    - Set lRoot & rFoot "Bend" (XRotate) min to -85 and the value to -65.
    - Set ShoeFeetFit max & the value to 2.

    This is so WIP it's ridiculous: http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/software/dazstudio/4/referenceguide/scripting/api_reference/start

    Most links seem to go to (image).

    Is this the best I can expect for now??!?

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    Yeah, the actual object reference is still to be done - I'm using the old DS3 docs ( http://www.daz3d.com/shop/daz-studio-3-script-development-kit/ , though they seem to have acquired a price since I last looked; not sure if that is right or not, I will ask), which are mostly right (there are new features, such as the old DzSkeleton having been split into two child objects, for legacy and TriAx figures, and there are some withdrawn or deprecated items). There should be some commented examples, but the basic script is ECMA Script 2 (like Action Script or JavaScript) so the structure should be familiar - and many non-DS specific parts of the script are Qt script objects.

    Anyway, the remaining thing you need is to get the ShoeFeetFit morph - that's a little tricky as it actually belong to the root Genesis node, which was in node in the snippets above. You need the actual geometry, as that is what owns the morphs

    var obj = node.getObject();

    and then from that you need to find the morph, which is a modifier - unfortunately you need the name and not the label for this, but you can get that from the parameter's properties (click the little gear wheel on the slider, then pick Parameter settings from the menu)

    var mod = obj.findModifier( "PBMFeetShoeFit" );
    var control = mod.getValueChannel();

    then you can use control to set values and limits just as we did with XRotControl earlier.

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    Thanks M8!!!

    Yea, it was a lot cheaper when I grabbed it as well ;-) I think I threw one eye into it but since I did not realize the benefit I let i lie around...

    I'll dig into that as well :cheese: then.

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