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I've been working on a new series and I'm joining it up with my Android series website. The new series is called Cricket McGuire is available now along with the latest issue of Android.


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  • Harry DresdenHarry Dresden Posts: 365
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    Lol. For some reason I thought this would be about Android tablets. :cheese:

    Cool series though. ;-)

  • PaulSWPaulSW Posts: 0
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    is the site down?

  • eclark1849eclark1849 Posts: 211
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    The site should be up and running. I just got the images working for new Cricket McGuire series I started too.

  • TorbyTorby Posts: 249
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    Oh. I thought you were rendering on an android. Might beat my netbook.

    Cricket is an Android? Oh well, not my type anyhow.

    They really need to let us have img tags. How am I supposed to use my own smileys?

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