Ears and seams on Supersuit

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I bought the new Supersuit and it's pretty good, there are a LOT of options - but I am puzzled: didn't anyone notice that the ears are not covered or hidden? I would really like an ear cover like in the V4 cowl.
Also, when I render the whole thing one colour, it still has lines where the regions meet: can't I get it all smooth? I would like it if I could choose where to put the seams, but where are the UV templates for it? I know they exist but I can only get a messy UV view of all of them overlaid - well, I think it's that. Is it available in a package?


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    Snow Sultan has posted templates, I think there's a thread if you search the forum.

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    Thanks Richard :)

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    just in case anyone else out there is looking, here is the link to the Supersuit Templates, courtesy of Forum member jferio:


    It took me a while to find them (page 10 of the thread!) so I offer this shortcut.

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    I'm pretty noobish...but how do you apply these UV mats that he made to the suit? All I can seem to do is change repeating textures. Any good tuts on this that you could point me to?



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    THey are UV MAPS not mats. The Maps are like a dressmakers pattern - you use it in a 2D draw and paint program to work out where the details of your design go, for instance if you want to put the "S" on Superman's outfit you would use the maps to locate it in the middle of his chest. Usually you make a test image to work out which parts of the UV map go where, then use tht to make a final texture image that you apply to the object to get the result you want. You apply the texture imag in the Surfaces tab. check out the video tutes provided by DAZ to get the details.

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