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My older files are corrupted in some ways.
There are some strange spots around the mouth and I cannot add visemes.
(Even if I disabled everything in the inner mouth, nothing helps)
When I try to add visemes or face expressions, it goes to the neck or ear part of the figure.
When I zero the figure, the strange spots disappeare (looks everything just fine), but comes back by every expression change on the face.
When I try a fresh start with a new figure (from the scratch), there is no problem occurs with the face expressions or anything.


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    I'm not a specialist in that but for me it looks like the morph is calling to wrong deformation. Could it be that some install in the past overwrote something?

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    It's also possible that the lower jaw is poking through the skin. I've had this happen. What happens if you select the lower jaw and use the "z" transform to move the jaw back into the face?

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    I've tried, reelyor. It is not the jaw.
    Just look at the attachment, it is messed up, inside.
    The problem is, that I have the same with many, many other figures too.

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    I have opened the file in DS4, and DS4.5, the same problem comes.
    So all my character files are corrupted?
    Is there a way to exchange (rebuild) the base figure to a fresh one and keep all the morphs, poses and textures?
    That would be a good solution for me.

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    What were the originals done in?

    Are these saved scenes?

    It looks like a variant of the 'exploding mesh' syndrome that sometimes happens with DS3 scenes being opened in DS 4.x. The usual solution is to save the scene again and then reopen the newly saved scene (make a test of one scene and a backup of it...I've had a couple that didn't work correctly).

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    It is an M4. But my other chracters are corrupted too (V4).
    Saved several times (I save often projects for more security).
    So i saved again to try your idea, but the problem stayed (like a bad company).
    The caracter i made originally with DS4 (not DS3).

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    kmahu said:
    I have opened the file in DS4, and DS4.5, the same problem comes.
    So all my character files are corrupted?

    If it happens to several characters it's most likely something more general not releated to the character files. It would take an incredible coincidence for several different files to be randomly corrupted exactly the same way.

    I imagine though that some tools made for "fixing" problems in 3D files may corrupt them as well, if they are bugged or used incorrectly.

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    Presumably a dso (or more than one) that ended up corrupted or victim of a bug. Or are all the scenes so affected animated?
    I'd file a bug report and attach your scene, explaining what version you created the scene in, and what you did.

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