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I am looking to get some specific products in the current BOGO, but searching for specified ones is a real tedious task with the way it is set up. The Buy category has well over 2000 products, and then there is the Get category which also has well over 2000. Two day ago I spent more than six hours trying to find out if a couple of products I wanted were anywhere on the list. Today I decided to try the advanced search options, (found to the left of the top of each product page, and a Sort By option drop down at the top right over the page). Products I had found the previous time in the long search method did not appear on the pages in the advanced search options. What is more is that in the long search method, it is hard to remember what pages the products I want are on, because they are all mixed up with each other. Not categorized by type, genre, vendor, or any semblance of organization.
To say the least, this is frustrating. If I use the "Enter Search Keyword" text box, it takes me away from the BOGO Search Pages. I'm not even sure if when I put a product into my cart outside of the sale pages that it will be included in the sale, even if it appears on the lists for the BOGO. I am sure I can find what I want much more easily and faster than having to scroll through all the products in the Buy and Get categories.
I would appreciate it if someone could provide information on how to find a specific product on the BOGO lists, without having to search tediously through the lists to get to them. I know what I want, and I don't think the tediousness of the way the sale is setup should needlessly slow me to a crawl to find it.
Thanks in advance.


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    Moved to the Commons, as it is not an offer of a freebie.

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    Moved to the Commons, as it is not an offer of a freebie.

    My apologies, this forum works a lot different than I'm used to. I get confused trying to navigate around, and I cannot seem to remember where to post a thread. lol
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