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I have been trying to export and obj file from DAZ 4.5 to Marvelous Designer 2.

Having followed the PDF settings of 1000% etc I can import it in the other programme but the avatar is not importing the same way round
even if I set the camera to the front in DAZ. The pattern window on the right seems to stick on the first imported position even if I rotate the avatar (obj) on the left.

Is this anything I have done in DAZ that I need to correct? Thank you in advance.


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    I don't have MD2 nor a link to the pdf you are referring to, but in what format are you exporting? If it is OBJ, there is no camera information saved, and different programs will have different default views. If it's Collada (which I'm not actually sure saves the camera, but it might), make sure you create a Default Camera in DAZ Studio. The Perspective Camera will not be saved, no matter what.

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    In DS load the item you want to use as an avatar in MD, if it's a figure make sure to zero it as most load with a memorized posed, go "File > Export" set it to .OBJ and name it, in the popup select the Daz Studio preset and don't touch any of the settings.

    In MD go "File > Open > Add Avatar", select the OBJ you just made in DS, in the import popup select "cm" (that gives you the 1000%), the avatar should load into the 3D window facing you, with it's outline in the 2D window.

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    Thank you for the replies. It turned out to be my Y and Z coordinates were swapped round in the export.. somehow..

    Pesky gremlins :-)

    Anyway i just need to find a way to load the avatar so that the red dots in MD representing where the material goes are now in the right position.

    I think I have to rename the bones in SD to the same as MD.. Hoping there is a less tedious way.

    Thank you again

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